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 rules of the game

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PostSubject: rules of the game   rules of the game EmptyFri Mar 20, 2009 9:06 pm

Game Rules


Game rules (Subject to change) the rules of the game have been set by the administrators and are overseen by them. Every player has the option and the duty to report violations of the rules which he or she notices. The rules should guarantee a fair and "clean" game.

§ 1 Accounts
The accounts are the property of the operators of the Spaceinvasion website.

§ 1.1 Multiple accounts
It is prohibited to run more than one account in the same universe. Should multiple accounts use the same IP (Brother, Father, Sister, etc.) - it will need to be registered within the Multi IP section of your Settings Menu. Later registrations over the same IP are not possible! If multiple accounts use the same internet connection (e.g. at home, internet cafe, other networks), no further similarities must occur. (e.g. Internal shipping, Trading, or Alliance attacks, Revenge attacks, Spy Probing)

§ 1.2 Sitting
Account sitting (i.e. monitoring another player’s account) is allowed only via the in game method (Settings Menu). Sitting is only permitted to the extent that fleets may be saved and raw materials used (No Attacks may be sent during this period). The maximum sitting term is 24 hours. Sitting is also only permitted once per week. The holiday mode is intended for longer absences from the game.

§ 1.3 Sharing
Account sharing, that is the common use of a single account, is not permitted. This would result in an unfair game advantage and will lead to the ultimate banning of the account.

§ 1.4 Pushing
Pushing, that is the targeted sending of raw materials without apparent quid pro quo, it is only permitted for lower-point players. A player is considered lower-point if they have a maximum of 75% of the points held by the player who wishes to send the resources, and may not be in the top 100 of the total ranking list. Sending resources to higher-point players is only permitted when there is an apparent return service at an appropriate ratio (See 1.5 Trading). In principle, protection money, headhunting, Bounty’s etc. are permitted, but they must be clarified in advance with the game operator. Making rubble available is also considered pushing.

Trading Resources for information (Asteroid Scans, Spy Reports, etc) is not permitted in any instance.

§ 1.4.1 Special regulation asteroid creation
Must be notified at the Game Operator (GO). After confirmation through the GO, all battle and recycling reports must be kept for 7 days. Asteroid shots are only allowed when no resource advantage is gained through the involved parties (Any rubble must be divided equally to incorporate losses through battle).

§ 1.4.2 Recycling help
If someone makes his/her Recycler available to other users, he/she gains rights to the processed recycled goods by 10% (if the player is point stronger) or 20% (if the player is point weaker). Every recycling help must be registered with the GO, however it does not require permission.

§ 1.5 Trading
Resource trading is allowed. For flexible trading rates, however, the current trading rates should be monitored. These are usually displayed in the universe board "Universe talk" as important threads. A trade must be completed within 24h. The general rules of thumb for trading rates are: 6:3:4:1 (Iron, Metal, Kryptonite, Spice). Trades which go through the general trading rates, may differentiate by 20% of the actual rate. If in doubt please consult your Game Operator.

§ 1.6 Bashing
Bashing other users on purpose will result in an account ban. If more than 3 attacks are registered by one user against the same planet in any 24 hour period, it is considered as bashing (3 Attacks per planet per 24 hours). Every attack with a battle report is valid, no matter the result. This bashing rule is related to planets and is monitored over a separate system. The only exception is inactive (yellow) players and war (5 Attacks per planet per 24 hours). The particle cannon is excluded from bashing.

§ 1.6.1 War
A war officially starts 24h after the war notice has been sent in-game - through the alliance panel. It should be noted, that a war notice cannot be cancelled! After a notice time of 24h, the war conditions are activated and specific rules apply:
The attack limit is raised from 3 attacks per planet per 24 hours to 5 attacks per planet per 24 hours (Section 1.6)
The end of the war can only be declared after a minimum of 14 days.
Single players do not have the option to go to war with an alliance. A war notice confirmation is not required.

§ 1.6.2 Attacking
The use of so called Spam Attacks are considered to be a nuisance and are not welcomed nor permitted, that included but not limited to:
Attacking a planet at a fraction of the speed in order to prevent deletion.
Attacking a planet using lesser ships (Recyclers, Colony Ships) sent at 80% speed or less.
Attacking a planet with a flight time of more than 24 Hours, exceptions arise where distance plays a part.
It is not permitted for a solo player to launch an Alliance Attack; attacks from an Asteroid by one player must be done using standard attacks.

§ 2 Bug using
The intentional use of apparent bugs will lead to the ultimate banning of the account. Bugs and errors in the program must be reported immediately to a member of the team.

§ 3 Scripting
The use of scripts, such as auto refreshers and the like, is not permitted, because this generates traffic beyond the normal degree. This will lead to the ultimate banning of the account.

§ 4 Claims
Players have no claims on the operator of the website regarding the availability of the service or the replacement of lost game progress.

§ 5 Forbidden content
Racist, pornographic, insulting, or otherwise discriminatory content or, for example, threats (for real life) which are sent, published, posted and/or written in private messages, the forum, in the game via BigPoint accounts or in official IRC channels are not permitted. The same applies for spamming in any form. Serious violations will be punished with the ultimate banning of the account.

§ 6 Rule violations / exceptions
Violation of the rules can, in every case, result in exclusion from the game or other penalties (e.g. temporary banning, etc.). The power of decision lies with the responsible game operators punishments do not have to include use of the Holiday Mode that is done at the discretion of the GO’s loss of game progress, fleets incurred during punishment is non claimable.

Exceptions in individual cases may likewise be granted by the responsible game operators. The approval of the individual game operator must be awaited
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rules of the game
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